Oct 31, 2010


Yeap, please, read might be interested:

1.No Stress,
2.Mens Sana, in Corpore sano,
3. Carpe Diem,
4. Friendhsip,
5. Social Responsibility.

1. Friendship, sportmanhsip and "group of friends" approach,
2. Any kind of Triathlon or Adventure Sport version, especially,Nature related!
3. Auto-competing, but, learning and training for free with best specialist from the Club,
4. International: Hong Kong would be as main holding group and supporting us during our first years. Australia ones is also being in the starting process. Any expatriate in Barcelona will be more than welcome to join our Club.
5. Social Reponsibility would be one of our Top Priorities, collaborating and  volunteering with any organization looking for our help, but, especially, related to kids sickness (Cancer Childhood Organizations).
6. Dragons Kids,open for kids above 6 years old, as we will organize some, "Splash' n' Dash" events during the year for our little kids or any kid who would like to join...of course, we will be looking for future promises and triathlon champions in early stages.
7. Not exclusivity: you will be able to be member of our Club and any other Club, but, we would like you to race at least once or twice per year using our colours and BARCELONA DRAGONS TRISUIT!!

If interested of becoming a member of this new Triathlon Club, please, feel free to leave a comment below and your e-mail address to contact you asap.

Talk to you very soon,

"XTB" Xavi.

Spanish translation:

1.No Stress,
2.Mens Sana, in Corpore sano,
3. Carpe Diem,
4. Amistad,
5. Responsabilidad Social.
1. Amistad, "juego limpio" y "grupo de amigos",
2. Cualquier tipo de Triatlón o Deportes de Aventura, especialmente, relacionados con la Naturaleza!
3. Auto-competición, pero aprendiendo y entrenando  gratis con los mejores especialistas del Club,
4. Internacional: Hong Kong sería la sede y mayor soporte del grupo durante los primeros años. Australia también esta creando otra filial de Hong Kong Dragons.Cualquier expatriado que quiera unirse al Club será má sque bienvenido!
5. Responsabilidad Social será una de las primeras prioridades, colaborando y actuando como voluntarios con cualquier Organización No Gubernamental que busque la nuestra ayuda, pero en especial, relacionada con niños enfermos (Organizaciones de Ayuda al Cáncer Infantil).
6. Dragons Kids,abierto a niños a partir de los 6 años, ya que organizaremos algunas actividades, tipo ¨Splash´n´Dash¨ durante el año para nuestros pequeños y cualquiera otro que esté interesado en participar...por supuesto, iremos cazando nuevos talentos y futuros campeones de triatlón!
7. No exclusividad: podrás ser miembre de nuestro Club y cualquier otro, pero, lo único que pedimos es que al menos durante una o un par de veces por año uses nuestros colores usando BARCELONA DRAGONS TRISUIT!

Si estás iteresado en comvertirte en miembre de este Nuevo Triatlón Club, por favor, deja un comentairo debajo con tu e-mail paa que podamos contactarte lo antes posible para darte más detalles.

Hasta pronto,

"XTB" Xavi.

Oct 25, 2010


Dear Friends!

Let's start by The End!!!
Yeap, you are reading correctly, yesterday,K-Swiss 2010 HK ITU Triathlon Asian Cup became instead of a triathlon a fourthatlon!!

Swim-run-bike-run...correct, T1 was 1.6 Kms running and wearing running shoes from swim finish to our bike transition area.

Before the start setting-up transition area...

                              ...everything ready...almost everything...

                                         I was still sleepy!!
                                                ...and after the race!!
What I have learned on my 3rd Olympic Triathlon race?
1- Don't train 3 days before new running drills, especially, high skipping  and butt kick running drills...result extreme hip pain and calf pain inflamated on day race!! Which affected me on last 5 Kms running...then, I moved to rin-walk-run for last 3 Kms... :-(

2- Becareful with uncontrolled "power-boat marshalls" during your swim...yeap, I have been hit twice during my swim, as I was one of the first swimmer and my swim strategy was doing a little curve to get positive tide factor on my left side to get faster to the first turning buoy...pum hitted by the f------- a------!!, second loop, I thought, let's go straight to avoid this boat over my back...but, again...I could not believe!! Anyway, of course, I am going to write an e-mail to HK Triathlon Association to inform about that fact and let's see the outcome!

3- Inspired by some "Kona running backwards finishers"...yeap, some people might thought, what an idiot...but, I just did, I finish my race running backwards and level of applauses increased!! as my triathlon time was not supposed to be too good, after so looong T1!! Anyway, I liked ...and might repeat more times in the future!! (at least I did not fall!! lol)

OK, let's go for a quick race report and comparison to LY same race, I attach my Garmin 310 XT Multisport report:
Official results:

HKITU 2010 (Result: 20th out of 118th AG-35-39)          HKITU 2009

Swim: 27'11'' (4th) (including 2 swim interruptions!!)         27'47''
T1:       7'20'' (1.6 Kms running!!)                                  3'06''
Bike:1h05'26''(10th) (strong bike...)                                        1h08'18''
T2:      2'55''                                                                      2'11''
Run:   51'12'' (72th)( last 3Kms)                             53'26''

Total:2h34'03'' (Official time)                           2h34'47''

Friends, overall, I am satisfied with my result...if you deduct at least 5' of extra running session for T1, my ending result might have been 2h29'00'' which would mean 7th overall result, instead of achieved under 2h30', with a walk-run-walk time for my last 3 Kms !! yuju!!

Finally, about my CKP Global Triathlon Team results in Barcelona Garmin Olympic Triathlon,  last weekend triathlon, they did very well for their first time,as members of that new created team!

Olympic distance (bike 33 Kms instead of 40 Kms) 1,804 participants
807 Sergio Soriano 2h29´10´´
1,710 Steve Giafaglione 3h01´48´´
1,786 Patrik Stalberg 3h19´44´´
Ricard Sola DNS
Rafael Alegre DNS

Sprint Team: 79/82 total
79 Paulo Borges/Lidia Niculai/ 1h39´38´´

Last but not least, thanks to Checkpoint to offer that nice CKP Global Triatlhlon Team Elite Trisuit that we wear during our races!

Talk to you very soon on my next post!

"XTB" Xavi.

Oct 16, 2010


Friends, tomorrow, Steve, Ricard, Sergio, Rafa, Paulo, Patrik and Lidia all 7 colleagues from Checkpoint Systems will experience their first experience of an Olympic Triathlon distance in Barcelona...and I wish you all the best on that great experience! I wish best luck to all of you for tomorrow!!

Talk to you soon to comment final results from this new CKP Global Triathlon beginners team!

"XTB" Xavi.

Oct 6, 2010



Three news for all of you...

First, I want to share with all of you that after close to 4 years expatriate in Puerto Rico 1.5 years and Hong Kong 2.5 years, we will come back to Barcelona by end of this year...and we are very happy about this new challenge starting in January 2011!

Second, I will start a new local triathlon team, together with some of my friends,colleagues and mates and, anyone, looking to start this passionate sport, as a beginner, from Sprint distance to Ironman, as a member of ¨BARCELONA DRAGONS TRIATHLON TEAM¨, together, with the help and support, from my first triathlon team: Hong Kong Dragons Triathlon Club ( I will start accepting new members from Januarry 2011 to join our team...and one of our main tagline will be: ¨Whatever you do, do it with all your heart!¨ followed by ¨Mens sana in corpore sano¨...I will inform you much more on my next posts.

Third, next ¨1st Half Marathon Personal Best Challenge: Carretera de les Aigues¨ November 19th, 6.00 pm tentative date...Pau ( i Ferran, Toni ( ... i com no Steve G., (company new running shoes, ok? ;-))

Finally, I some update, about my very active weekend, as I participated in 3 events...

1. Friday Oct. 1st (China National Holiday):10K Run VTP 2010 Challenge: unofficial result close to 1h02´ (3´better than 2009 result)
(Background...looking down to focus just before the start
with very fashinable orange race t-shirt....!!)

2. Saturday Oct. 2nd: 48K Dragons Bike TTT: (the ¨Misfits¨ team....really misfit and lost during the race trying to empower one of the members very tired...second lap, I did my fastest lap ever, as ITT, lol)

3. Sunday Oct. 3rd : 3.5K OWS: (including left shoulder injury after 1.5K)

Talk to you very soon!!