Apr 9, 2010



As per my prior posts, I have informed that we have started a CHECKPOINT GLOBAL TRIATHLON TEAM within team members of Checkpoint Systems some of them members of Finance, MIS, Marketing and other areas.

Almost all team members are BEGINNERS and will participate on his first Olympic Distance Triathlon during this year in one of the following cities (Barcelona, Philadelphia, Hong Kong or/and Tokyo).


I would like you to start knowing and introducing as of today all confirmed CKP Global Beginner Triathletes for 2010, as it follows:

1. Nicolas Brouchon (France)
2. Omar Durrani  (Afghanistan)
3. Patrik Stalberg (Sweeden)
4. Steve Giafaglione (USA)
5. Sergio Soriano (Spain)
6. Ricard Sola (Spain)
7. Al Wieand (USA)
8. Jim Levy (USA)
9. Jack Kaneko (Japan)
10. Joe Higucci (Japan)
11. Xavi Garcia (Spain)

and for today, we will start with a round of short  interviews (5 questions) with  Steve Giafaglione (Spain) (4):

1. Name: Steve Giafaglione

   Age (Age Group): 38 (will be on April 13th....still 37 as of today)
   Family status: Married
   Children: One daughter (4 yrs old)
   Height: 1,93m or 6' 4"
   Weight: 93kg or 205 lbs
   Born City/Country: Born San Diego, CA - living in Barcelona for almost 13 yrs
  CKP Actual Position: Business Finance Director SMS
  Sports: Tennis mainly (but enjoy golf when I can......if that qualifies as a sport...hahahaha) - love watching NFL when I can
  Personal blogsite/website: None

2. Why do you want to do an Olympic Distance Triathlon race? To get in shape mainly and also to see if I can survive (something to tell my grandchildren about one day)

3. Any targeted time for your next ITU Olympic triathlon? October 17th, Garmin Olimpic Triathlon Barcelona - I would love to do 3hrs but looks too difficult (see below)

4. Which is your strongest sport? and weakest? (Swim, Bike, Run) - tough one, have not done much swimming yet (I can do 60 laps in 40-45 min approx but it is a swimming pool, not the ocean and not with a wetsuit...... so not very good nor promising). Biking have not done outside on a normal bike (don't even have one), only spin classes and static bike (I think I can do around 1h 15 min for the 40k assuming it is all flat.....this time is based only on what I have done with the static bike machines so no real clue of what a real outdoor ride is like.....just a wild guess). Running have done 4 official 10ks, last one in 54 min (and one half marathon.....2hrs 7 min). One more half marathon coming up this Sunday. I think I can get down to maybe 52 min by October for the 10k.....BUT just for a 10k alone...not with all 3 combined. So I am counting on at least 1h for the run during the Triathlon. If I can do the swim in 45, bike in 1h 15m and run in 1h......I could be close to the 3hrs. This would be BEST CASE. But I think this is a biiiiiiiiiig stretch. So probably 3h 20m is going to be the time.

5. Describe briefly your training plan or if is from which one are you following? Not following any specific plan but I will try to start following the beginner olimpic one. I am doing more gym related stuff during the week (i.e. eliptic machine, bike, spin classes, etc.). Weekends are usually for running (as I prefer to run with daylight and in the morning).

Steve, please, send a bigger picture to paste it....Thanks!

Talk to all of you in my next post!

"XTB" Xavi.

P.S: Btw, latest news about my ITBS...I am improving very slowly...but last Tuesday, I had a terrible cramp on my right calf while I was swimming and is hurting a lot! I have read about how to recover a muscle cramp...very interesting about different practises....please, comment which way you do to recover from a muscle cramp and learn a little bit more about your experiences!