Apr 29, 2010


I would like just to share with you about my new training plan that I will start next Monday, May 3rd.

I have updated from Bronze to Silver on and selected Half Ironman Triathlon Training Plan - 20 weeks, as I would like to participate on my first 70.3 Ironman during 10H2, earliest Tokoname (Japan), September 19th:

or, if not ready yet,  Phuket (Thailand), December 6th.

Anyway, I know before to start it, that will be very challenging to achieve it 100%, as I will be travelling for work and vacation during next months, but, will try my best to accomplish it, as much as I can....let´s see, and, of course, everything will depend on my ¨ïnjuries free time¨,as I am still recovering from my ITBS!

Again, let me share with all of you, our second member interview of CHECKPOINT DRAGONS GLOBAL TRIATHLON TEAM (out of already 15 CKP beginner triathletes members) : Nicolas Brouchon (my boss!!) and I hope you enjoy!

    Age (Age Group): 45-49 years
    Family status: Married
    Children: Arthur (7) and Penelope (20)
    Height: 6´2´´
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Born City/Country: Born in Paris, France.
    CKP Actual Position: Worldwide Controller
    Sports: Cycling, running (practicing), rugby (passionate)
    Personal blogsite/website: None.

2. Why do you want to do an Olympic triathlon race? I love challenge and this is a good start towards the Ironman.

3. Any targeted time for your next ITU Olympic triathlon? Anything below 3 hours.

4. Which is your strongest sport? and weakest? (Swim, Bike, Run) Strongest cycling weakest running.

5. Describe briefly your training plan or if is from which one are you following? Swimming 2x 1 hours per week (Tuesday/ Thursday) Cycling 4 times a week (2x1 hour Tuesday/Thursday + 4 hours Saturday + 3 hours Sunday) until March 31st. From April 1st onwards : running 30' Tuesday/Thursday - cycling+running Staurday 3 hours running Sunday 1 hour.Two weeks prior to the race - light exercise (30' a day) and no exercise 3 days before.

Cheers from Hong Kong!

¨XTB¨ Xavi.

Apr 25, 2010



Let me quickly summarize my weekend activity after 6 weeks off:

1. St, Bakdricks HKIS Event...yes, I shaved my head and on this link you will be able to see Before and After pictures...quantity raised close to 500$.

St. Baldricks "one more shavee"!

2. Early Saturday morning 50Kms @ 30.5 Avg./Kph...quite strong until last 10Kms, where my "forced resting weeks" pushed me very weak to finish my bike morning! Afterwards, I did 5 Kms run brick together with my mate Peter! The most important during that day is that my ITBS was just bothering me but NOT HURTING AT ALL...which is by now good symptoms enough!

3. Sunday morning, 5Kms "Beat the Dragon" race in Wan Chai Gap road path, Dragon custom weared by "faster runner' Mike Maiers...unfortunately, I was in 4th position, when we got lost top 5 and we did not get turn left on "Blink's Road" after 1.5Kms...and we needed to come back when we suddenly realize no more path to keep running!! lol


Dragon by the back!

Overall...quite nice run, if we knew it the way!!...

Talk to you very soon in next post!

"XTB" Xavi.

Apr 19, 2010



I would like to summarize on this post my weekend "funny" races:

1. Open Water Swim Teams Challenge, my individual result 25'12'' 19th overall (23% of 83 swimmers, fastest one in 19'45'', they call him "the fish"!!!) for 1,720 meters, as per my Garmin 310 XT...just one mistake, during the start our team, we were talkng and from nowhere suddenly they wistle the start...we started last and then needed to recover to get some free space to swim at my own pace! Mike, did 27', Julian 29'...and I still don't have team results. I will update on another post.

2. Splash'n' Dash Serie-1 Repulse Bay....this time I tried to start with top racers to start cleaner my swim but,BIG MISTAKE...we were more than 110 competitors to start running, then, swimming...and you can imagine what happened to me...yes, I made a new "swimmer friend" who took my shoulder and sunk me...removing my new "Dragon" goggles and affecting my start and motivation for the full race...I could not believe that could happen to me. Anyway, very windy day and I could run 5 Kms with my ITBS, feeling good...but, my achiles tendon were affected from the swim race the day before but I finalize in my AG 10th.

Not too happy about my "new swimmer friend"...
who sunk me and remove my goggles during swimming start!


Racer                   Description          BibNumber OverallPlacing CategoryPlacing FinishTime
Xavier Garcia Male Challenge 35-39    234        36                    10                     00:41:51

I flew this morning from Hong Kong to Tokyo, as my route, was not affected by the volcano...and this late afternoon, I did a very nice run in Tokyo downtown, around Imperial Palace Park. Guys, I also have made this route discovery, using the website...  and I suggest to all of you whenever you are travelling and looking for a place to run to access that website! is just great!

Finally, I wante dto share and ask about what do you think about video attached below...I have my own opinion and will shae with you after reading yours in your comments...

I hope you have enjoy this to all of you very soon in my next one!

"XTB" Xavi.

P.D: Yes, I know...I did not talk too much about my ITBS...but looks much better! Thanks for all your support!

Apr 18, 2010



Let me explain my experience visiting  4 Indian cities: Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra,during one week, before Esatern vacation. I will really try to be I don't like to read looooooooooooooong least over 3 or 4 screens.

Let me just start asking a question (also one of my first questions in India): What are doing the (Holy) cows in the middle of the road? Why aren't they on farms where they belon? (of course, they are not suffering from the Mad Cow Disease. Check  the answer and the bottom of this post...

Cow bike session...

1. Mumbai, largest Indian city...chaotic city to drive with and claxoning everywhere, anytime, for any, industrial and economical power of India. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps! Fifteen million people live in Mumbai - industrialists, film-stars, artists, workers, teachers and clerks - all living cheek-by-jowl in soaring skyscrapers and sprawling slums. They come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and speak over a dozen tongues, adding colour, flavour and texture to the Great Mumbai Melting Pot.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai...attacked November 26th, 2008

Leopold Cafe, also attacked... of the terrorist's bullet

"Slumdog Millionaire"...

Indian 3 wheels Vespa taxis...125.000 just...

Dinner Afghan restaurant...

Indian logistics...

Yeap...they also have one....

2. New Delhi...more organized and easier to drive than Mumbai, the capital and the third largest city of India (second one is Kolkata) is a fusion of the ancient and the modern and with much more infrastructures, just to have an idea, over 250 shopping malls in this city, longest one 1 km long...nice monuments, temples and palaces in that city, of course, local and Estate government buildings quite impressive. Standing along the West End of Gangetic Plain, the capital city, Delhi, unwinds a picture rich with culture, architecture and human diversity, deep in history, monuments, museums, galleries, gardens and exotic shows. Comprising of two contrasting yet harmonious parts, the Old Delhi and New Delhi, the city is a travel hub of Northern India. Narrating the city's Mughal past, Old Delhi, takes you through the labyrinthine streets passing through formidable mosques, monuments and forts. You will also discover lively and colorful bazaars that boast to cater all sorts of good and items at mind-blowing prices amidst a barely controlled chaotic ambience. The imperial city of New Delhi displays the finely curved architecture of British Raj. It generates a mesmerizing charm reflecting well-composed and spacious streets under the shade of beautifully lined avenues of trees and tall and imposing government buildings.

Nw Delhi government building...

...more palaces...

...Red temple...

...more "slum"

...and more...

...beautiful colours...

...very poor people...


...and his message...

Palace at night!

Delicious Indian food...becareful with too much curry...

and more palaces.

3. Jaipur..."Pink city", as they dressed itself pink to welcome Prince Albert and Queen Elizabeth II, and thus the name “Pink City” stuck to it. Now the capital of the desert state of Rajasthan, it has the rightful blend of rich heritage monuments, palaces and lakes and gardens with the modern buildings and shopping arcades. Jaipur falls in a rich mineral belt of marble, precious and semi precious stones, which makes it a unique marketplace for both raw and finished products. Jewellery of precious and semi-precious stones is a strong attraction for tourists. Jaipur is also home to gold and silver jewellery made in the “Kundan” and “Meenakari” traditions, which are now world famous.

Typical indian menu...delicious!


"Pink city"

...Hamman temple...


...Indian jacuzzi...

...nice picture in the mirror...

...dancing cobra...

...lake palace...

...Maharaja Xavi...
4. Agra...sorry, we just spent few hours, 12, to see one of the world wonders...and I believe the most amazing words to describe it...if you have the opportunity to visit India, you can not miss it and then may be you will be able to explain what you have felt during that visit...for me was vextremely beautiful and also the love story behind it...Taj Mahal of India - "the epitome of love", "a monument of immeasurable beauty". The beauty of this magnificent monument is such that it is beyond the scope of words. The thoughts that come into the mind while watching the Taj Mahal of Agra is not just its phenomenal beauty, but the immense love which was the reason behind its construction. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan got this monument constructed in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, with whom he fell in love at the first sight. The very first sight of the Taj Mahal, the epitome of love and romance leaves one mesmerized. Standing majestically on the banks of River Yamuna, the Taj Mahal is synonymous with love and romance. It is believed that the name "Taj Mahal" was derived from the name of Shah Jahan wife Mumtaz Mahal and means "Crown Palace". The purity of the white marble, the exquisite ornamentation, precious gemstones used and its picturesque location, all make Taj Mahal travel gain a place amongst the most popular ones. However, unless and until, one knows the love story behind the Tajmahal of India, it will come up as just a beautiful building. But, the love behind this outstanding monument is what has given a life to this monument. worries..I will not release

"Love is in the air"

...more love...

...and a little bit more!!

Uff!! I arrived JIT (Just In Time)

...white marble...temple air conditioner...

...Indian girl I met overthere... ;-) private transport...

...yeap, more Indian logistics!

About the cow mainly since Indian's are by-and-large vegetarian , the cow, given its holier-than-thou status, has rarely been exploited for its meat, but, the flip side of the cow's ritualistic position means that no sooner than it stops producing milk, its owner finds politically correct to abandon the unfortunate creature on the streets, rather than pack it off to the slaughterhouse. Hindus also believe that should a cow tethered in their home die, its owner has to perforce undertake a piligrimage to all the holy cities of Indiato atonefor the sin and upon his return he has to feed the Brahmins in his village. Last but not least reason, why cows go to the middle of the busy roads and traffic is because the exhaust fumes from the smoke belching buses seem to discourage flies, while the toxic fumes get them high. Now, that is a typical Indian solution to a vexed problem.

India..."you love it or you hate it", I think is a correct assumption...but in my opinion is IMPACTING and VERY DIFFERENT in all senses from any other place in the World!

Talk to all of you in my next post!

"XTB" Xavi.

Apr 15, 2010



After almost 6 weeks off of any running due to my ITBS injury...,yesterday, I did my first technical running training, warming-up for 2.5 make sure my knee was heated by time we start the training session.

Overall result quite positive I did run almost 9 Kms, progressive 1 mile, 300 m, 500m, 700m, 900m and final 1 mile, except BPM  very high "by the roof", I did not feel pain knee during my, I feel my knees a little bit tired but recovered those with my yoga stretching lesson from tonight.

Talk to you very soon!!! and thanks to all of you for your support during this LONELY time!! I think I have won first battle but not yet the war to my tough ITBS!!

"XTB" Xavi.