Jul 29, 2009



Is getting quite hard to keep going with my training program, focused on running, (in Cariri country home, there is no swimming pool and bike to train) and having some "Churrascos", but, today, I did 10Km 52'37'' (without water to drink the last 3 kms...and it was very hot over 30 C).

Let me tell you that running on the roads of Cariri in the middle of Brazil is a paradise, so quiet, blue sky and an awsome sunset!! and lots of oxes,cows, sheeps and chickens!!

I attach one picture of Socorro's ox, Olivar's neighbour, called "Cigano":

"XTB" Xavi.

Jul 25, 2009


Friends, I have a bad new to explain during my late afternoon training...before sunset I started running my 10Km together with my 8 years old golden retriever dog called (Goldie) in Cariri road, after 6.5kms he was jogging 10 to 20 meters behind myself (pace was 5'/km), then, at km 8.5, I came back to look for him and he was walking very tired but doing well...but did not drink any water during all way, finally, I finished my 10Km (51'47'')...still far from my goal to be ready for the triathlon (48'00''), then, I cam back walking, in the same road to look for Goldie...but I did not find him...and was already dark night!...I called him and decided after 45' looking for him, go back, to my stepfather's Olivar country-home take the car and we desperately lookk for him for 1.30' wihtout success. Next day, we continued our search until we found him dead hiden in the bush close to the road (close to km 8.5, 1.5km far away from Olivar's home)...two hypothesis about his dead: heart attack or hit by a car...all family is very sad for that lost! He was the best dog we have ever had and moved him from Goiânia to Cariri 3 days ago.
Btw, I attach last Goldie's picture taken together with Mar and my niece, Gabriela! (so beautiful both of them!)

RIP Goldie!

"XTB" Xavi.

Jul 24, 2009



After 25 hours flying plus connection time more or less 8 hours, finally, we have arrived to Goiânia (Goiás, Brazil), then, I took a car and drove 600kms to Gurupi city (Tocantins, Brazil) ...I really don't suggest this kind of trip to any family with young kids! Is totally EXHAUSTING!!...we have arrived safe but really tired. First training during my vacation on July 24th, done this afternoon at Olivar (my stepfather´s country home) at Cariri (Tocantins, Brazil) 34kms away from Gurupi , 6 kms 36 mins...I felt really tired but not so bad considering (12 hours jet-lag).

¨XTB¨ Xavi.

Jul 21, 2009

KM. 33 SOLD !!

Dear Friends!

Great news...first km out of a total of 51 kms from my first challenge "ITU Hong Kong Disney Olympic Triathon" has been sold to help and support "Foundation Caico".

Selina Wong has bought KM. 33 to this NGO to help and cooperate for Childhood Cancer. Below, on that blog, you can read key activities and tasks performed by that NGO.

"Foundation Caico" has still 50 KMS. ready to be Olympic Triathlon is 51.5kms. (1.5 swim, 40 km bike and 10km run).

Selina, thank you very much and I hope more Friends will cooperate with "Foundation Caico" and my first challenge by next October 18th in Hong Kong Disney!

Talk to you soon in my next post!

"XTB" Xavi.

TRAINING...IS GETTING HARD! getting hard! Yesteday, 64' bike & 32' least I saw "First part of Che Guevara" movie!...but, I was tired while swimming and this morning was very tough to wake-up to go to work...

After 5.5th weeks of training, I have realized, that I need to focus my training on last part, RUN...because, I will arrive exhausted to this last 10kms. Swimming, I will feel ok, bike, I will survive and not so tough...but running 10K after 2 hours of exercise and transition from bike to run...that will be really tough!!That is the reason why, I have chosen a new training program of "16 Week Olympic- Run Focused" ....just one day off during the week on least I will be able to drink some beers....not too many!

Tonight, 29' easy one!

Btw, I am starting vacation tomorrow and flying to Brazil for 12 days and later Spain!

Talk to you on my next post!

"XTB" Xavi.

Jul 18, 2009


Friends, after 5 weeks training...and one open water swim race 1.4 kms, almost 5 kgs less (as of this morning 110kgs). Friday, morning 6.40 am I went for a short run of 29 mins following my beginner triathlon plan...and I wanted to maintain a pace below 4.45/ was quite hot and very humid 92%. I started quite well 4.35 to 4.40/km first 2 but after 3.5kms...I realized I was totally dehydrated and my gatorade was at the entrance of my home 1km more to go to get a Spanish, we say ("coger una buena pájara¨) and I needed to walk during 300 meters to recover myself...finally 29 mins 5.5km, really below my starting expectation!! (btw, I don´t like to run during the mornings...I am much better after sunset). Today, I did (97 mins 45.5kms using Program 2)...maximum time in my life above a fitness bike and I had time to watch ¨Grand Torino¨ DVD movie....quite interesting!! After that, I almost could not walk...I am just wondering, how will be in a real race after a real biking of 40 kms. Tomorrow, 48 mins run. Talk to you in my next post..., probably from Brazil...we are leaving next Wednesday from Hong Kong to Goiania, via London and Sao Paulo, (just flying time more than 24 hours) and we will stay in Gurupi with Elaine´s family for almost next 2 weeks.
"XTB" Xavi.


Dear Friends!
Finally, I have made my mind about bike selection...and I decided to choose, after consulting some tri experts, specially, Bikeman (over 100 triathlons), Cannondale Slice Hi-Mod 5. I went, yesterday night to Flying Bike in Mongkok district and made deposit to order this bike to the US with size frame of 60 cms, following Bikeman and Manuel Clavel's suggestions. Bikeman, explained and gave me many tips about triathlon, how to swim (totally different style for long distance compared to what I learned 25 years ago), how to prepare transition, what to eat (banana during first transition) and of tip about drinking and start hydrating myself one night before the race and don't stop during all competition, specially in Hong Kong, with over 30 C and 90% humidity...anyway, finally, after my vacation to Brazil and Spain, i will have my bike ready to start learning how to bike using a tribike. Ups! I don't want to forget to explain that have also reserved my bike shoes because my size (47) is not easy to find in Hong Kong, but, I was lucky and he reserved for me. Bikeman, many thanks for your yesterday tips and excellent explanations. Now, I can say I am starting to understand how a triathlon theory. "XTB" Xavi.

Jul 15, 2009


Dear Friends!

Last Sunday, I participated in my first Ocean Swim since many years ago, last one I did was in Port Balís (Barcelona) when I was 14 years old...and overall was a great experience. Close to 400 participants, I finished 45th overall and 17th in my category (Age group 30-39) with a time of 24'48''. Elaine was shocked when she saw me appearing leading the first big group of close to 10 swimmers. ( Race was from Midle Island to Deep Water Bay beach in Hong Kong Repulse Bay district. (you can see the picture appearing on my profile is from that day).

Finally, tonight's training...goal 49' swimming reduced to 40' due to a strong 100 laps of 22 meters.

Talk to you very soon on my next post!

"XTB" Xavi.

Jul 14, 2009


Dear Friends!

One month ago, when this idea landed to my brain three first questions were:

1. What training plan should I follow?

2. I can run and swim by myself....but I need a bike!wowWhich one?

3. Do I need to be registered to any Triathlon club to participate on those events?

1. For the first question, quite easy answer, as first step, I went to google and typed: triathlon training plan and very fast in less than 1 second appeared excellent website and perfect to clarify many doubts: .From this website, I selected the "16 Week Olympic: 2x Balanced" and since that day (5 weeks ago) I have started following all training days plan, mixing, run, swim and bike (up to now just fitness bike).

2.I still don't have the bike and I have some trouble to make up my mind to decide which bike should I buy...tribike or just road bike, with handlebars?!?. Bikeman (Thanks guy!) from "Flying Ball Bycicle" Hong Kong store is helping me to understand and clarify what kind of bike do I need. I am thinking on Cannondale Slice 5 Hi-mod or a road Cannondale...but still not clear...I might go this weekend to that store to finalize my decision.

3. Last one, was the easier one...Triathlon Club....again, I use internet to check and finf one, I did just type in google: Hong Kong triathlon club ...and after 1 second...Dragons Triathlon Club appeared on my screen then I registered myself after some minutes reading the website. Next steps is to get Dragons trispeed suit XXL to participate in next races and adventure events. Dragons Triathlon Club has over 100 members and they do monthly triathlon race trainings. I still did not meet personally any member of the club but, via email, I have already contacted, Julian Cosgrave & Richard Thornton, very nice and helpful guys (Thanks a lot!)

Friends...2 less topics to worry about, training plan is already on my hands...and Triclub, I am already registered in one! Next step solve bike selection.

See you in my next post and I will explain you my first Ocean Swim 1.4km experience in Hong Kong last Sunday!

"XTB" Xavi.


What is ¨Caico Foundation¨ (Help and Cooperation for Childhood Cancer) and how can you help them?

About us-

Since the ¨Foundation Caico¨ want to help people whose lives are disrupted by childhood cancer.This sickness of childhood cancer refers to thoe tumors that are diagnosed in children and teenagers under 15 years old. The treatment of childhood cancer combined several therapeutic modalities: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, bone narrow transplantation. Most of these treatments involve toxicity and side effects.

Are diagnosed every year in Spain more than 1,000 new cases.

Progress in second half of the Twentieth Century in the diagnosis, treatment and cure of malignant diseases of children and teenagers are one of the most significant achievements in the field of oncology and may resemble many other achievements in pediatrics. Therefore in the XXI Century, pediatric oncology, there aremore possibilities of cure, over 70%.

Key Activities-

In line with our aims, through the Foundation Caico develop our activities in the following areas:

. Improving the lives of hospitalized children and their families: They are continuing to improve the hospital environment for children to have some amusement and entertainment during the long days of hospitalization. One example is pediatric oncology unit of Hospital Niño Jesús.

. Socio-economic support to families: Sometimes the costs outweigh the additional support provided by the Government. Accordingly, the Foundation Caico develops:

- Help care for the payment of additional expenses incurred, in some cases essential.

- Actions in situations of insecurity and helplessness.

- Specific support for cases with poor prognosis.

- Psychological support contracted by the Foundation.

. Promotion and development of research projects and scolarships for training of professionals in oncology. Through an agreement with the insurance company Willis and in collaboration with the team of Dr. D. Luis Madero, we have created a scholarship that provides expertise in a medical oncology childhood.

. Provide cancer treatment to children in the poorest countries.


Dear Friends,

Let me explain you my first 2 main targets:

1. 2009 Hong Kong ITU Olympic Triathlon Premium Asian Cup-(Age Group 35-39): 1.5km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run...timing goal less than 3 hours!

2. Half Ironman (1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21km run) by third quarter 2010....which one not yet decided and timing idea, as of today!

For those targets, I am going to prepare and explain how I have started my training in my next post.

To contribute for Caico Foundation there are three ways:

1. Institutionnal: Companies that would like to sponsor me can do it with a donation and then I offer them the option to add Company logo during race day, hang your logo on a permanent basis on this blog and ensure it will appear in all media appearances (print, radio and TV).

2. Friends: We sell all 51.5 kms, so you can buy for 40Euro or 50USD,each km of my first 2009 Hong Kong ITU Olympic triathlon Premium Asian Cup next October 18th . First and last kilometer may be purchased at 80Euroor 100USD each.

3. "Km 0": For all types of imputs and not conforming the km auction, or once all kilometers are bought, you can continue to help the project through contributions of any amount at Km 0 in the account of Foundation.

All donations will go directly to the bank account of the Foundation Caico (Caja Madrid 2038 19 4874 6000 (Transfers from Spain) and IBAN ES16 2038 1948 7460 0008 5554 BIC:CAHMESMMXXX (International Transfers) and will be managed by its DManaging Director (Ms. Luisa Fonseca). Occasionally, through the internet blog will be report the money raised and kilometres bought. When you do the transfer indicate as concept: Asia XTB Half Ironman and Caico Foundation chosen form of collaboration, Company name, number of kms purchased or "Km 0". for any queries related to donations contact me by writing a message to

I thought one of the most effective way to communicate with you without saturating your email inbox will be through this blog . I will update this blog on a regular basis, (depending on my work and travelling allows me...late at night!), and inform you with my training progress, including other training races to be ready to achieve my goals for my first Olympic triathlon and 2010 Half Ironman.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support and talk to you in my next post,

"XTB" Xavi.


Dear Friends!

My name is Xavi García and for those who don´t know me, I like to practice (and watch on TV) any kind of sports, specially sailing (started in Optimist, 470 and Finn class competing during 18 years), tennis, running, swimming, etc...and since, some years ago, in fact more than 9 years, I have one wish-goal every New Year to get under 100kgs...but, unfortunately, I did not achieve it...yet.
Finally, one month ago I decided to start preparing myself to accomplish my for first Olympic triathlon in Hong Kong (I am an expat since July 2008) and, finally, in one year base, to try my first ¨Half Ironman¨...long way to go!!
Why ¨Triathlon¨? I like swimming, running and "mountain" bike...(no experience at all with road bike!!).
How to start? I would like to have a weekly training plan.

¨Leit motivs¨...basically 3:

1st. To get fit and healthy (I am getting close to 40´s...) and try to get under 100 kgs. by end of year 2009.
2nd. To support and sponsor a good cause: ¨Caico Foundation¨ ( colaborating internationnaly with Manuel Clavel and his ¨Ironmancaico¨ oddissey! (
3rd. The most important one, to remember and honor my mom, who suddenly passed away (09.07.07) already two years ago who was a sports lover and practised gymnastic and aquagym very frequently.

I don´t want to finish this introduction about myself whitout saying THANK YOU IN ADVANCE to my family: first my wife, Elaine, for supporting my idea and challenge and for my two lovely kids: Mar (5 years old...great swimmer) and Lucas (almost 3 years old...great ¨little monster¨).

Thanks to all of you for taking your time to read my blog and collaborate with ¨Caico Foundation¨!

¨XTB¨ Xavi.