Mar 11, 2010



It has been already 39 days without almost any running and biking due to my ITBS and, up to now, my recovery does not look to well...,I am still going to physio sessions, stretching and swimming sessions, but now, I have 4 options to move ahead:

Option 1: A cortisone injection into ITB,
Option 2: 5 weeks regenerative injection process into ITB,
Option 3: Laser FP3 technique during my vacation in Spain (June 2010),
Option 4: Surgery to release IT.

My thinking about each option>
Option 1: I will decide next week after two or three more physio sessions
Option 2: After, option 1, could be an option but still not convinced about result.
Option 3: If I am still not recovered, I will do it in Barcelona.
Option 4: I hate surgeries and almost 100% discarded, as of today.

Please, friends and readers...your opinion and personal experience will help to decide to select my next steps...I am quite desperate!

Finally, I want to share one excellent article about Samurais, from Ironecu...experimented ironman!!

"Father, I have a question that torments me - Kan Be honest - before I loved you not say that today is a day of joy. But it agrees with what I just said.

- Yes son?

- Yesterday I told my friends of the people that I would become Samurai, who would learn the secrets of our art and that I would become the mightiest warrior type that exist - Kan's eyes were riveted on the crackling fire - and the other kids laughed at me, told me I was a wimp, it was all lies and to be careful that it is safer to give me the true samurai beat a liar and then I would throw on the fire. Do I have to be generous also with those kids father?

- Son ... - An understanding smile lips furrowed old Samurai, he had been the same in his youth and knew the same people who criticized and ridiculed today his son, tomorrow would be his most fervent admirers for his courage and bravery - Hay an easy way to avoid criticism ...

- What is father? - Asked excitedly Kan

- ... simply not be nothing and do nothing, get a job of sweeper and kills your ambition. It is a remedy that never fails.

- But Father! That's not what I want, I want to be strong and powerful as you, have aspirations and dreams that I meet in life. And I only have this life to make those dreams come true How do you ask me that?

- Then Kan, take great care with the thieves of dreams - mysterious Kazo said.

- Do the thieves of dreams? - The child Samurai fearful look around - What are they? "Demons of the night? Duendes "evil? "Beings dark?

- No son, are your friends and people close to you - your child's eyes watched him with a sad expression, as if the world had just fallen over - Do not worry, they are only friends of yours, who want to protect ill-informed, want everything good for you and you will not grieve, so try to stop all projects to do, lest you fail and hurt.

- But then they are like the ghosts of fear and failure, want my love and I still violate the most damage that may exist. Steal me my dreams, my ambitions and therefore the most powerful weapons that have to achieve what I want. If you never try ... never make it. It is true that if I try I fail, however, also can be successful and achieve what I want!

- That 's son and also inadvertently have just discovered your three most powerful weapons.

- What? tell me - his enthusiasm at the prospect of having more weapons was enormous.

- The first Enthusiasm, if you believe in what you do and you really like and you can achieve anything you believe with all traces of your being.

Kan nodded, afraid to interrupt his father.

- The second Pushover! You have to learn and work, learn and work and then ... teaching, learning and working. Only with the work you'll get your goals. If you intend to take advantage of people only find failure, however, you work with honor, as a team and always trying to improve yourself ... there is nothing that can stop you.

Khan put his hand on his heart and promised himself, in utter silence that always work with honor and that nobody would stop.

- And third the Constancy - Kan's eyes asked her father which was the record, perhaps not the same as the push - Constancy son, is the ability to hold on and keep working hard times to come the times good, consistency is always the Art of Go! You've just started now and tomorrow will start practicing with the Samurai. At first, after every workout, your muscles will hurt you and you're tired, you'll want to leave everything behind why we think this is too hard for you. But if you are constant and continuous learning and practicing, gradually your body will adapt and develop, as well as your mind. And see how things will ever get easier, and get more results and more easily. Every beginning is hard son, and only if you have success Contante insured.

Kazo saw his young son nodded sleepily. It was late and had learned more today than in his entire life. The old Samurai took his young son and now an apprentice of his art in his arms, lifting, despite his advanced age, as if it were a feather. His son heard him whisper something like "Thank you papa!" before falling asleep. The general overall really wondered if his son would follow the letter all the advice they had learned today. I knew that if he did so reach even higher than he, general of generals, had made it.
I hope you  have enjoyed that reading!

Talk to you next post,

"XTB" Xavi.