Mar 30, 2010



After 2 Corticoides injections during last two weeks and 3 Hyalgan ones...and after trying my 5Kms running last Thursday (more bursitis...), Doctor forced me to STOP RUNNING for at least 4 weeks!!!! and btw, also, no BIKING...

but lots of ...
...but for me, as "TRIATHLETE BEGINNER" is very tough to accept that injury is not allowing me to train for my next challnege 70.3 Ironman...I need a truck of ...

Talk to you next post where I will start explaining a little bit more of what is going on with new Checkpoint (Company where I work) colleagues triathlete beginners just started training for their first triathlon during 2010...already until today 13!!

"XTB" Xavi.

Mar 25, 2010



Here we go...

1. Married in March 22nd, 2002 (8 years ago) with Elaine (Brazilian)...she is my life together with my two of today: Mar (6) (¨my little princess¨) and Lucas (3) (¨my little monster¨).

2. I am a former sailor competing for 18 years in different sailing boats: Optimist (World Champion 1986, European Champion 1983/82), 470 and Finn (1991 European Junior Champion) Olympic classes. I was a member of pre-Olympic sailing teams for Seoul´88, Barcelona´92 and Atlanta´96  in 470 & Finn class. Now, I have my Fx One Hobie sailing boat in Hong Kong and sailing for more racing!

3. I am the youngest brother of 3 brothers and 1 sister (¨our sergeant¨)!

4. I love ¨Open Air Adventure Sports/Activities¨...sailing, swimming open water, biking, etc.

5. Barca Soccer Team Fan....great memories in Barcelona Canaletes (Wembley, May 20th, 1992), Philadelphia (Paris,May 17th, 2006) and Hong Kong until 5.00 am HK time(Rome, May 27th, 2009)...and more to come!

6. Love dogs, I have had, labradores ¨Toddy¨ (passed away last summer, ¨Skipper¨, Golden Retriever¨Goldie¨ and, last one, Rottweiler ¨Kita¨ of them, in Brazil and, also, cats,we have a calico persian cat called ¨Misha¨.

7. Favourite colour: blue, especially ¨Blue Ocean¨....

8. Favourite dinner: ¨Truita espanyola amb pà amb tomaquet¨, translation, ¨Spanish tortilla with tomato bread¨ and good glass of Rioja wine.

9. My 5 top strengths: Activator (¨When can we start?¨), Learner (I love to learn), Focus (¨Where am I headed?¨), Achiever (¨Every day starts at zero¨) and Relator (¨Feel confortable with people already know, but, I enjoy the thrill of turning strangers into friends¨).

10. Carpe my main leit-motiv!

Now, you know a little bit more about me...10 more things!! I hope you have enjoyed!

Cheers from Hong Kong!


Mar 22, 2010



I would like to update about two nice sport events I have started and will keep focus during next weeks/months together with my 70.3 Ironman triathlon challenge training...and who knows, NYC Marathon, if I am lucky!

First one, was a very interesting swim race around Middle Island for 3.2 Kms in front of Repulse Bay beach organized by Open Water Swim Club of Hong Kong lead by Ian and Lloyd, great ambient, nice weather and very competitive...I started like a torpedo...and lead the race for the first 2.5Kms...then, another torpedo who started five minutes later than us...and I believe former professional swimmer, took the lead and won the race in 39'19'' (just awesome!!). I have finished 4th in 49' at the end of course due to considerable good excuses...first one hedgehog attack between rocks on my left hand and second one, I was I did not eat anything since 7.30 am and race started at 2.30pm...and was feeling a little bit dizzy last 5 hundred meters, when I lost my battle with Lloyd 48' and Chris 48'05'' in a total of 17 swimmers.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Repulse Bay around Middle Island training race

Have a look at this group facebook link:!/group.php?gid=45382183963&ref=mf

Just one quick comment...during the race, I battled with Chris, just in fron of RHKYC in Middle Island for several meters...and then, I really focus in my immersion lessons received from Karen (I wish ayou a qucik recovery!) and Sandra...and then, the effect was that I gain 3 to 4 bodies in 150 meters....but of course, is nothing natural, as I need to think to do it as they did instruct me...have a look at their swim program:

Three learnt lessons...after this swim:

1st Never swim between shallow rocks!! avoid next time!! hahaha
2nd "The straigth line is the sortest distance between two points"
3rd Eat something gel or banana before racing a long swim race...just drinking water will not be enough!!

Next event, is about the hundredpushups, I announced in my last post...guys...this is going to kill me!! and I will follow Jeff's suggestion and I will stay in week 3 for 3 move to week 4 with all the challengers!

I did today...12, 17, 13, 13...and 16.5!!!

Btw, I don't want to finish to congratulate all Dragon mates that participated yesterday in 70.3 Ironman Singapore...where again the King of Kona: Craig Alexander won again...second time in a row!!

Mike Maiers 8th AG 35-39 and Richard Thornton 80th AG 40-44....too hot in the run! Well done mates!!

Talk to you in my next post!

"XTB" Xavi.

P.S: Next post... I will update you about  a list of10 things you might not know about me...not Bryan!!!

Mar 18, 2010



Check what you will capable to do just after completing 100 Pushups Challenge...have a look (Thanks Jeff)!

Talk to you very soon!

"XTB" Xavi.

Mar 17, 2010



I would like you to join this challenge which is starting next March 22nd...I did my initial testing 23 pushups...please, no comments. Thanks!! lol

Have a look and  try to join to check how much can you imrpove your core strength in 6 weeks program:

Talk to you very soon,

¨XTB¨ Xavi.

Mar 16, 2010



Finally, 70.3 Ironman second challenge will be delayed!! Good luck to all triathletes racing in 5 days in beautiful Singapore city!

My second challenge has been...delayed....

due to I  have received 2 injections on my right knee Cortisone to reduce inflammation and Hyalgan to supplement and facilitate normal production of synovial fluid on my right knee joint, diffusion of nutrients and solutesun the avascular cartilage, activate the tissue repair process and anti-inflammatory effect, scavenge harmful, free radical...

and if I am ready by September...then...

and if not ready yet...then...last option for 2010!

This afternoon I did communicate to all my friends, colleagues and relatives...about my decision...but will still ask for support towards CANCER CHILDHOOD ORGANIZATIONS in Spain, Hong Kong and Worldwide...

Check it below...

" with great pain and sorrow, that I am announcing my withdrawal from 70.3 Ironman Singapore, March 21st as second challenge...due to my ITBS injury...but, I have just delayed it until 70.3 Ironman Japan by mid-September, if not yet recovered, till Phuket in December 2010....but I will do it this year.

For that reason, I have decided to change two main topics:

1. You now have 4 NGO options for donating: Fundación Caico (Spain/Madrid, Bank account: Caja Madrid 2038-1948-74-6000008554), Fundación Small (Spain/Barcelona,Bank Account: La Caixa 2100-0852-08-0200522004), Children´s Cancer Foundation (Hong Kong, via Credit Card secure payment process) and St. Baldricks (Worldwide, via Credit Card secure payment process), very important that in your donations you specify "70.3 IM XTB"

2. Donation for 1 Km is now 20 Euros ,due to recession, and for Km-0 you can just choose amount you would like to donate below 20 Euros...I am looking for participation and to have, as much donators to help and support ¨Cancer Childhood Cause¨....of course, you can buy as many Kms as you wish.

Finally, easiest process to be informed and go ahead with those donations is using my blogsite: , if you are intrested in donating, contact me via e-mail to support you during this process.

Cheers and thank you very much for your support!

"XTB" Xavi. con gran dolor y pena, que estoy anunciando mi retirada del 70.3 Ironman Singapore, Marzo 21 como mi segundo desafío....debido a mi ITBS lesión...pero, sólo lo he retrasado hasta que esté recuperado para afrontar 70.3 Ironman Japón hacia mediados de Septiembre, y si no estoy del todo recuperado, para Phuket en Diciembre 2010....pero lo haré este año 2010.

Por este motivo, he decidido hacer dos grandes cambios:

1.Ahora tenéis 4 opciones de ONG´s para poder hacer donaciones: Fundación Caico (Spain/Madrid, Bank account: Caja Madrid 2038-1948-74-6000008554), Fundación Small (Spain/Barcelona,Bank Account: La Caixa 2100-0852-08-0200522004), Children´s Cancer Foundation (Hong Kong, via Credit Card proceso pago seguro) and St. Baldricks (Worldwide, via Credit Card proceso pago seguro), es muy importante que especifiquéis el siguiente texto en la donación "70.3 IM XTB"

2.La donación por Km será de 20 Euros, debido a la crisis, y para el Km-0 podéis escoger cualquier cantidad que decidáis donar por debajo de 20 Euros...estoy interesado en buscar cuantos más participantes mejor para poder apoyar dichas fundaciones de ¨Ayuda Contra el Cáncer Infantil¨....evidentemente, podéis comprar cuantos Kms como deseéis.

Finalmente, el proceso más fácil para estar informados y hacer las donaciones es usando mi blog:, si estáis interesados en hacer alguna donación contactarme vía e-maila para ayudaros durante este proceso.

Saludos desde Hong Kong!

¨XTB¨ Xavi."

Talk to you very soon,

"XTB" Xavi.

Mar 14, 2010

SWIM 4.1 KMS...


This afternoon while I was tracking and reviewing IM China results a very tough race extremely high humidity and temperature....two of my frineds Steve and Bryan Payne could not finish on their age group 45-49, but, I want to congratulate both of you for your tentative and I am confident that you will have a place in Kona 2010, as you were placed in top atheletes in your age group.

I don't want to forget about Spanish triathelete, Eneko Elosegui 6th place!! Congratulations!!

I attach a review of the race:

Then, I thought, let me try how it feels to swim 4Kms...and that is what I did yesterday afternoon at 5.30 p.m. and is quite hard...just thinking that after swim they do 18 Kms bike and a marathon running....just awesome and for not too many athletes on this earth capable to finish it.

You can check my swim training from yesterday...1h06' for 4.1Kms in Open Water....
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Repulse Bay x 4 check how is an IM swim!!

Btw, during this week, I will visit Orthopaedics & Traumatology specialist doctor to see which option is best suiting my right knee after reviewing MRI and medical report.

As I have previously announced, I will not race 70.3 Ironman Singapore next Sunday, but, will cheer from home all Dragons Hong Kong mates racing it....Good luck!!

My next 70.3 Ironman goal for sure will be Phuket and who knows, if I will be ready for Japan mid September...let's cross-fingers!

Talk to you very soon!

"XTB" Xavi.

Mar 11, 2010



It has been already 39 days without almost any running and biking due to my ITBS and, up to now, my recovery does not look to well...,I am still going to physio sessions, stretching and swimming sessions, but now, I have 4 options to move ahead:

Option 1: A cortisone injection into ITB,
Option 2: 5 weeks regenerative injection process into ITB,
Option 3: Laser FP3 technique during my vacation in Spain (June 2010),
Option 4: Surgery to release IT.

My thinking about each option>
Option 1: I will decide next week after two or three more physio sessions
Option 2: After, option 1, could be an option but still not convinced about result.
Option 3: If I am still not recovered, I will do it in Barcelona.
Option 4: I hate surgeries and almost 100% discarded, as of today.

Please, friends and readers...your opinion and personal experience will help to decide to select my next steps...I am quite desperate!

Finally, I want to share one excellent article about Samurais, from Ironecu...experimented ironman!!

"Father, I have a question that torments me - Kan Be honest - before I loved you not say that today is a day of joy. But it agrees with what I just said.

- Yes son?

- Yesterday I told my friends of the people that I would become Samurai, who would learn the secrets of our art and that I would become the mightiest warrior type that exist - Kan's eyes were riveted on the crackling fire - and the other kids laughed at me, told me I was a wimp, it was all lies and to be careful that it is safer to give me the true samurai beat a liar and then I would throw on the fire. Do I have to be generous also with those kids father?

- Son ... - An understanding smile lips furrowed old Samurai, he had been the same in his youth and knew the same people who criticized and ridiculed today his son, tomorrow would be his most fervent admirers for his courage and bravery - Hay an easy way to avoid criticism ...

- What is father? - Asked excitedly Kan

- ... simply not be nothing and do nothing, get a job of sweeper and kills your ambition. It is a remedy that never fails.

- But Father! That's not what I want, I want to be strong and powerful as you, have aspirations and dreams that I meet in life. And I only have this life to make those dreams come true How do you ask me that?

- Then Kan, take great care with the thieves of dreams - mysterious Kazo said.

- Do the thieves of dreams? - The child Samurai fearful look around - What are they? "Demons of the night? Duendes "evil? "Beings dark?

- No son, are your friends and people close to you - your child's eyes watched him with a sad expression, as if the world had just fallen over - Do not worry, they are only friends of yours, who want to protect ill-informed, want everything good for you and you will not grieve, so try to stop all projects to do, lest you fail and hurt.

- But then they are like the ghosts of fear and failure, want my love and I still violate the most damage that may exist. Steal me my dreams, my ambitions and therefore the most powerful weapons that have to achieve what I want. If you never try ... never make it. It is true that if I try I fail, however, also can be successful and achieve what I want!

- That 's son and also inadvertently have just discovered your three most powerful weapons.

- What? tell me - his enthusiasm at the prospect of having more weapons was enormous.

- The first Enthusiasm, if you believe in what you do and you really like and you can achieve anything you believe with all traces of your being.

Kan nodded, afraid to interrupt his father.

- The second Pushover! You have to learn and work, learn and work and then ... teaching, learning and working. Only with the work you'll get your goals. If you intend to take advantage of people only find failure, however, you work with honor, as a team and always trying to improve yourself ... there is nothing that can stop you.

Khan put his hand on his heart and promised himself, in utter silence that always work with honor and that nobody would stop.

- And third the Constancy - Kan's eyes asked her father which was the record, perhaps not the same as the push - Constancy son, is the ability to hold on and keep working hard times to come the times good, consistency is always the Art of Go! You've just started now and tomorrow will start practicing with the Samurai. At first, after every workout, your muscles will hurt you and you're tired, you'll want to leave everything behind why we think this is too hard for you. But if you are constant and continuous learning and practicing, gradually your body will adapt and develop, as well as your mind. And see how things will ever get easier, and get more results and more easily. Every beginning is hard son, and only if you have success Contante insured.

Kazo saw his young son nodded sleepily. It was late and had learned more today than in his entire life. The old Samurai took his young son and now an apprentice of his art in his arms, lifting, despite his advanced age, as if it were a feather. His son heard him whisper something like "Thank you papa!" before falling asleep. The general overall really wondered if his son would follow the letter all the advice they had learned today. I knew that if he did so reach even higher than he, general of generals, had made it.
I hope you  have enjoyed that reading!

Talk to you next post,

"XTB" Xavi.

Mar 7, 2010



About my ITBS...a very slow and desperate recovery, I will try to reinforce with physio sessions during this week in Hong Kong, as just my strecthing is not working too well...anyway, I will keep focus on just core strength and swimming during March's month at least...NO RUN, NO BIKE...

But, despite of that not so good new...I have selected 2 new challenges for my next months, especially close to the end of the year, to be really recovered from ITBS injury by that time.

First one, Garmin Barcelona Olympic triathlon, October 17th, 2010, with 6 of my Finance Checkpoint Systems  colleagues, as Nicolas, Steve, Sergio, Patrik, Omar and myself...and who knows, may be more by this date joining for the first triathlon! I am extremely happy about this race because I will be cheered by all my family and friends, as Barcelona is my city!!

Second one...and may be my first 70.3 Ironman race, I have registered for Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship in Phuket Thailand, December for almost all triathletes in Asia, best spot to race a triathlon, in all senses!!

Finally, I don't know, if I will be ready for 70.3 Ironman Phillipines, August 22nd or Japan, September 19th...but at least, I have my 70.3 Ironman target set-up, if injuries allow me, let's cross-fingers!

Last but not least, I attach my "injured" Half Marathon Hong Kong last Sunday February 28th...first 6Kms, quite good result...then, ITBS, killed my pace (+1'30''/km)!

Over-all Pos-ition Gen-der Pos-ition Cate-gory Pos-ition Cate-gory* Race no. English Name Chinese    Name Country Official Time Net Time 10km Time Half Way Time 30km Time

919 843 259 HMM1 60182 GARCIA XAVIER Spain 01:57:24 01:56:37 00:34:51

Talk to you very soon,

"XTB" Xavi.