Jan 6, 2010



I got that interesting article from one Spanish Ironman-blogger called Talín (with more than 41 Ironman already finished!!)...just amazing!

Spanish version:

English version:

Everyone has heard horrifying stories of triathletes who have a triathlon-training program that includes swimming, cycling, running and gym visits during the week with a full-time demanding job and rigorous routine of everyday life.

Everyone has heard of these same triathletes who will one day wake up and find that the same triathlon training program have been left them without family, with very few friends and a disaster job, but with a lot of muscles and well good looking.

Are you afraid that this could happen to you?

Whether you are an Ironman triathlete or a total beginner, you may find yourself absorbed in a vicious vortex of triathlon training program, which result in very serious implications towards social and family.

But NO FEAR - you can trust and follow these 5 rules of “Rock Star Triathlete Academy“ to conduct a successful triathlon training program without actually having to divorce. ¨

Rule No. 1: The biomechanical superiority and efficiency is more important than family. If you go jogging with your spouse meaning that you are going slower, so overforce in every stride running technique and increase your vertical distance from the ground. You will experience a greater cardiovascular stimulation, you will have a greater mechanical efficiency - allowing you to work hard during the slower execution. Yes, you're running more slowly - but you're running with your spouse. The same goes for baby strollers, if you're pushing it or you take it in tow behind the bike. There is no rule stating that all training sessions must be perfect or distractions.

Rule No. 2: You can get fit in the living room while you are supervising the children . Even if you can not do in the pool, the training program may include a warming up in the form of playing with children: the hideandseek, the runs that got caught, some abs in between, fighting / dancing squatting ... all this can give some of that impact cardio and strength.

Rule # 3: There is no magical difference between 50 minutes and 60 minutes. That is this: if you get home from running 10 minutes earlier than preview, and therefore it allows you to be showered and sitting at the dinner table, you will not destroy the training program you put that you should run 1 hour. Aerobic adaptations begin to set after just 20 minutes, and really not going to get significant physical adaptations by putting 10 'over race. You just have to mentally overcome your fear by not having run a "perfect time". Calm is good. After a few repetitions, the new range of time would feel normal.

Rule No. 4: Communicating with your partner before going for longer training sessions. Especially when you make a long journey. If your training weekend includes a long run of 2 hours walk or bike 5 hours or half a morning swim followed by meetings of weights, warn your partner in advance. And NOT when you tour of bed and get up in the morning. Give them five to six days in advance, so they know they will have part time weekend long training dedicated to. Trust me - your spouse will thank you for your honesty and sincerity in alert, but may then you owe a quiet night of cuddles on the couch or a dinner by candlelight.

Rule No. 5: Do not think like a professional triathlete, unless you are. If sport is your profession, then your training program is the one who will bring home the bread and chickpeas, and you can justify a training week, 25-35 hours. But do not kid yourself. If you are in the world of triathlon by passion, to keep fit, or to prove to yourself that you can complete the challenge, then everything is triathlon ... a hobby. And no matter how good or successful you are in your hobby, in the final scheme of things, when you're on your deathbed, or even when you're seventy years old with knees to dust, are you really going to matter be an Ironman in 11 hours or 11 hours and forty-five minutes?

Especially if your best friends and lover are on your side, holding you hand? Close your eyes and see if you can imagine that.

Need help? If you have a husband or wife, and you're trying to maintain a triathlon training program, the five rules above ensure that you succeed in your sport and your life a little easier to achieve.

That's all folks for now - stop reading now and go give a big wet kiss to that special person!