Mar 22, 2010



I would like to update about two nice sport events I have started and will keep focus during next weeks/months together with my 70.3 Ironman triathlon challenge training...and who knows, NYC Marathon, if I am lucky!

First one, was a very interesting swim race around Middle Island for 3.2 Kms in front of Repulse Bay beach organized by Open Water Swim Club of Hong Kong lead by Ian and Lloyd, great ambient, nice weather and very competitive...I started like a torpedo...and lead the race for the first 2.5Kms...then, another torpedo who started five minutes later than us...and I believe former professional swimmer, took the lead and won the race in 39'19'' (just awesome!!). I have finished 4th in 49' at the end of course due to considerable good excuses...first one hedgehog attack between rocks on my left hand and second one, I was I did not eat anything since 7.30 am and race started at 2.30pm...and was feeling a little bit dizzy last 5 hundred meters, when I lost my battle with Lloyd 48' and Chris 48'05'' in a total of 17 swimmers.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Repulse Bay around Middle Island training race

Have a look at this group facebook link:!/group.php?gid=45382183963&ref=mf

Just one quick comment...during the race, I battled with Chris, just in fron of RHKYC in Middle Island for several meters...and then, I really focus in my immersion lessons received from Karen (I wish ayou a qucik recovery!) and Sandra...and then, the effect was that I gain 3 to 4 bodies in 150 meters....but of course, is nothing natural, as I need to think to do it as they did instruct me...have a look at their swim program:

Three learnt lessons...after this swim:

1st Never swim between shallow rocks!! avoid next time!! hahaha
2nd "The straigth line is the sortest distance between two points"
3rd Eat something gel or banana before racing a long swim race...just drinking water will not be enough!!

Next event, is about the hundredpushups, I announced in my last post...guys...this is going to kill me!! and I will follow Jeff's suggestion and I will stay in week 3 for 3 move to week 4 with all the challengers!

I did today...12, 17, 13, 13...and 16.5!!!

Btw, I don't want to finish to congratulate all Dragon mates that participated yesterday in 70.3 Ironman Singapore...where again the King of Kona: Craig Alexander won again...second time in a row!!

Mike Maiers 8th AG 35-39 and Richard Thornton 80th AG 40-44....too hot in the run! Well done mates!!

Talk to you in my next post!

"XTB" Xavi.

P.S: Next post... I will update you about  a list of10 things you might not know about me...not Bryan!!!


  1. That sea creature is making me think of my upcoming ocean swims in Hawaii for lavaman triathlon this weekend. Yikes! But also...Cool!!;-)

  2. Hi! New blog reader here, I found your blog through Jeff's Dangle the Carrot. I've been to Hong Kong several times and eventually want to live and work there, but one thing I was wondering about is how do people cycle and do train for triathlons there? So hilly and crowded!

    And did you get stung by that sea urchin? Ouch!

  3. La proxima vez que vaya a Hong kong, (quizas en diciembre), podriamos hacer un rodaje juntos???
    Yo he estado 3 veces y la verdad es que solo nunca acabo entrenando alli...

  4. Marie....good luck for your weekend race!!
    LA can train bike in Hong Kong in Disney area till airport in Tung CHung, running anywhere, but, nice places over SaiKung and South Island and swimming in any of the beaches in South Island...Repulse, Deep Water, South...nice bays beaches!
    Ricky....avisame y nos pegamos unos entrenos juntos!

    Cheers from Hong Kong!

    "XTB" Xavi.